24 Crossword Puzzles and 24 Coloring Pages


This 8.5" x 11" activity book offers plant enthusiasts clean-lined drawings to color and crossword puzzles with simple language.

There is a collection of 24 different foliage houseplants to color with suggestions for each plants' colors.


Next to each coloring page, there is a crossword puzzle with 20 clues of growing habits about the plant. Not only are the plants fun to color, but the crossword puzzles reinforce your knowledge of the plant.

The answer key in the back of the book fills in any missing gaps.


This book is for those who:

  • Keep plants in their house
  • Want to learn about foliage plants
  • Like to color a single item
  • Work crossword puzzles
  • Want to keep the mind active
  • Maintain finger dexterity
  • Teach classes in science or horticulture
  • Want a gift for the houseplant parent

Foliage Houseplants